Social Initiative

Green Environment

Vishnu Carpets takes pride in trying to establish a healthy Ecosystem by practising environment friendly processes as much as possible.

- Use of more natural fibres like wool, cotton and jute.

- Insist on using more of natural colours than dyed yarns.

- Optimum Use of Solar energy to dry the yarns rather than wasting the prestigious steam and electric equipments.

- Using recycled yarns like cotton waste, recycled denim products and pervasively practising the innovation of such measures.

- Having more than 20000 square feet of green field in our own factory, to make the environment more work friendly.


Contribution to the Society

- Proudly associated with Good weave and involves no child labor in any of our processes.

- Yearly helping the needful by providing free education in the local school.

- Quarterly distribution of grocery to the local NGO.

- Providing insurance to the craftsmen of our company.